Human Barbie reveals absurd diet and causes controversy

By | 13 de September de 2017

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Known worldwide as Human Barbie, the Ukrainian Valeria Lukyanova is frighteningly similar to the Mattel doll. After going through numerous aesthetic procedures to become the human version of Barbie, the model won a very thin waist, with nothing more, no less than 50 cm in diameter.

Recently, Valeria has been shocked once again by making statements about her lifestyle and diet. According to an article in the International Business Times newspaper, the real-life doll intends soon to live only in air and light.

“In the last few weeks I have not felt a bit of hunger. I’m hoping that this is the final stage before I can survive only with air and light,” said the model.

With waist of 50 cm, Human Barbie wants to live only of light and air (Credit: Reproduction / Facebook)

Diet is part of a belief

Still according to the article, Valeria’s goal of giving up any kind of food is one of the premises of Jasmuheen (Breatharianism, or Living Light), a cult that preaches life without food or drink. People who follow this belief never eat or drink anything because they could survive on “cosmic microfoods” from the two elements of nature.


This is not the first time that Valeria makes unusual statements. Human Barbie said she is a spiritual teacher who can talk to aliens through the light and who has had out-of-body experiences. She also thinks she is from another planet and that she has the ability to travel in time.