Human Barbie Doll in the World

By | 23 de September de 2017

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In the last years, who emerged and turned sensation in the virtual world was the Ukrainian human barbie Valeria Lukyanova. She has been modifying herself with plastic and more adjustments and than wanted to stay the same as our childhood doll except in this case, a living doll.

But it is not only in Ukraine that we have women dolls, in Brazil there is Andressa Damiani who did only a plastic as a child, to correct ears of fan.

In America there are also girls contesting the title, as is the case of Dakota, one of the pioneers in this move of wanting to become Barbie.

See the photos:

Dakota Rose Human Barbie Doll

Andressa Damiani Human Barbie Doll

Valeria Lukyanova Human Barbie Doll

Olga Oleynik Human Barbie Doll


Olga Oleynik and Valeria Lukyanova